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The Mini Color Experience


1+ hrs


During this 1-hr session, you will learn your Color Code and come away with a full understanding of your best colors and how to use them to highlight your beauty!

Do you want:
  • your eyes to pop & your skin to glow?

  • your outside appearance to match your inner spirit?

  • to look younger and more energized?

Discover your Color Code! 
A palette of 36 colors that are flattering to your unique combination of skin tone, hair color & eye color. This virtual experience will help you to learn how to buy clothing in hues that will build a beautiful wardrobe. Kind of like a personal boutique!
What else will I learn?
Your best colors of...
  • makeup

  • accessories

  • shoes & handbags

  • the current season 

What will I take with me from the appointment?
 An e-guide for your Color Code
A set of Digital Swatches that will make shopping a breeze, and fun!
A new approach to dressing with color & confidence
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